Google buys company formed by former Apple, PA Semi employees

Australian Macworld staff
22 April, 2010
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Google has bought a hardware company called Agnilux, which is notable for its formation by ex-Apple and PA Semi employees.

While the ever-acquisitive Google has confirmed the deal (the news first was reported at PEHUB), it isn’t saying anything beyond that.

As for Agnilux, its Website is undergoing changes and a bare minimum of information is available from a cached version, such as that the name Agnilux is “derived from agni – Sanskrit for fire and lux – Latin for light.”

What’s interesting about the company being formed by ex-PA Semi employees is that PA Semi was acquired by Apple in 2008 for $280 million and its technology is said to be used in such hot products as the iPad (more specifically, its A4 processor) and possibly will make its way into the so-called iPhone 4G.

Amarjit Gill, formerly with PA Semi, lists himself as founder of Agnilux on LinkedIn.

Agnilux was the subject of a New York Times blog post in February in which a source indicated the startup might be teaming with Cisco on server technology. The post also said that a couple of ex-Cisco employees were sitting on Agnilux’s board. Network veteran and ex-Cisco VP John Wakerly is an Agnilux co-founder, according to his LinkedIn page.

As for what Google might do with Agnilux, some say it is more likely aimed at delivering energy efficient servers to run cloud-based services rather than powering the next Nexus One smart phones. Rethink Wireless states: “Agnilux fits into a nascent, but potentially significant, trend, to create massive cloud server architectures based on the ARM architecture rather than Intel or specialist silicon platforms. This would reduce cost by introducing a far larger range of suppliers and developers to the rarefied world of high performance servers, argue supporters, and would address power issues.”

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