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8 April, 2015
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Netflix, tv streaming, movies, macworld australiaUS-based online streaming service Netflix has made it’s way to Australia. Getting your hands on the free one-month trial is pretty easy once you sign up but there are some offers out there.

The standard monthly subscription options are

  • $8.99 per month option, which allows users to stream standard-definition content across a maximum of one screen;
  • $11.99 per month high-definition option, which allows you to stream across two screens (your PC and your Smart TV, for example); and
  • $14.99 per month plan, allowing customers to stream 4K quality content across a maximum of four screens.

There are a few other companies jumping on the Netflix bandwagon that offer additional deals on top of your one month free trial.


Optus is offering new and re-contracting customers, a six month subscription to Netflix when they sign up to:

  • Home broadband bundle on a $60 plan or above, on a 24 month contract;
  • Postpaid mobile service on a $60 plan or above, on a 24 month contract; or
  • Postpaid mobile broadband service on a $30 plan or above, on a 24 month contract.

Optus is also giving prepaid customers a three-month subscription when they purchase any prepaid phone or mobile broadband device and activate the included SIM.

The offers runs between 24 March 2015 until 5 July 2015.


If you’re an iiNet customer with an eligible plan and sign up for Netflix as an Australian member you’ll be able to enjoy Netflix to your heart’s content without worrying about your monthly broadband quota. As long as you’re on an iiNet fixed line broadband or NBN Fibre plan.

The bad news is if you’re on an NBN Wireless plan, any satellite plans, a Mobile Voice (Mobile only plans) or mobile broadband services you can’t get that offer.

Microsoft – Xbox One

Xbox One announced a Netflix app is available for download and perhaps more importantly, Microsoft is giving away three months of Netflix free with new purchases of the Xbox One, starting 24 March and for a limited time only.

With so many offers vying for your love, each sweetening the deal even more than the next, it’s a good time to give Netflix a try.

Do you know of any other deals? Let us know in the comments.



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  1. Paul Clarke says:

    Thank you for a great article on Netflix. I’m surprised that you omitted to mention that Netflix is available via an Apple TV. Netflix on an Apple TV is a great experience, very smooth and sharp high definition videos.

  2. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    Thanks Paul. We were looking at places where you could get a better offer than the usual first month free rather than playback devices. But that’s great advice.

  3. Shaun Kevin says:

    I am in Australia and have no problem accessing other Netflix regions or other geo-locked content on my laptop with PureVPN. It’s really cheap and based in Hong Kong, and they usually match my speed up to around 150 KB/s.

  4. Brent \ says:

    @Shaun, I really hope that was a typo, because TBH, that is a terrible speed, and I would be surprised you can stream Netflix at all. I get 150KB/s upload and 2.5MB/s Down.
    Im using Blockless which gives me quick access to a Region Switcher, (as there is some great shows just on the Sth African Netflix) and it has no downloadable crap to have on your Mac or Device, because all I do, it use their Smart DNS service, which is faster download speeds than a traditional VPN, and for a cheap 1yr Sub, I only have to worry about it every 12 months.

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