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Anthony Caruana
19 March, 2018
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Last week, Apple announced the availability of tickets for their upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). As well as being an event where software makers can share ideas and show off their latest creations, it’s the event Apple uses each year to tell us much of what the next year will hold in store.

This year, it’s expected Apple will use the rest of 2018 and the first half of 2019 to work on stabilising and refining iOS and macOS, rather than add a bunch of spectacular, new features. And while they made add some new bits and pieces, those won’t be be monumental shifts – even though the Apple Hype Machine will try to tell us they are revolutionary and innovative.

My feeling is that macOS is very mature and that new features will be refinements of things we already do. I hate using Uber as an example but they’re a good example of what I mean. Many apps and services have taken online credit card payments. What makes Uber special is that they do that without you making any effort. When an Uber driver drops you off at your destination, you just get out of the car and go. There’s no messing around with credit cards or receipts. All that happens without you doing anything.

The term that’s often used to describe this kind of user experience is frictionless. And that’s what I think we’ll see from Apple in June -ways to reduce the friction in everyday activities.

I’d really like to see a total redesign of iOS. I think the app-centric model is broken and needs to be moved to a mode information-cnetric design. Although Windows Phone is now dead – analyst reports this week suggested just 45 Windows Phone device were shipped in the last quarter of 2017 – it offered a way to see useful information through their Live Tiles that made it easy to access useful data without launching an app.

I’m not suggesting Apple “borrow” that design but I think they can learn from it.

What are you hoping for from Apple when they unveil their plans for 2018 and beyond?

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