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Anthony Caruana
17 July, 2017
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The weeks following WWDC are always a little quieter in the Apple universe. With announcements made of new versions of all four Apple operating systems, as well as the expected release of a fifth major platform (the HomePod) later this year, the focus at Apple is not on finishing the new software, but on finalising the two big hardware releases for this year.

We already know plenty about the HomePod. But the iPhone 8 (which is really the 11th iPhone, but who’s counting?) is still a great unknown.

There are rumours swirling about ‘panic’ at Apple over new features, such as a redesigned TouchID sensor, facial recognition and wireless charging, causing angst for software engineers who are trying to make them work reliably. The latest rumours suggest that Apple will ship the iPhone 8 with some features disabled until the software is ready. Then, software updates will be sent out that enable the new features when they are ready.

I try my best to stay away from politics but, by the time this newsletter reaches your inbox, the Government will have announced the introduction of new laws pertaining to the use of encryption and obligations on service providers to give near real-time access to law enforcement agencies with a warrant to encrypted communications.

While I understand there will be a diversity of opinions on this subject, can I encourage everyone to read beyond the headlines, to look carefully at what is proposed and to be informed – particularly thinking about the potential for unintended consequences and misuse of such powers.

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