From the editor – a look back over the last few days

Anthony Caruana
5 September, 2017
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If you’re into Star Wars, last Friday was a big day. For a reason I can’t fathom, it was designated ‘Force Friday’. I assume this is because it fell into a convenient period for marketing departments rather than any salient connection to the ever expanding Star Wars universe.

What does this have to do with Macworld Australia I hear you ask? Sphero is the company that created the BB8 droid that become a massive marketing phenomenon for The Force Awakens. Last week, they released two new products: a beautiful reproduction of everyone’s favourite droid R2-D2, and an all new droid called BB-9E – the first time we’ve seen a bad droid given a feature role.

At the product briefing I had a couple of weeks ago, where these droids were demonstrated to me, I had a chance to chat with one of founders of Sphero, Jon Carroll. And, while I can’t yet say exactly what’s coming next from Sphero, I suspect a lot of parents will be Christmas shopping from Sphero’s product range for some very cool toys that will integrate beautifully with some of their other Apple ‘investments’.

Apple has officially announced an event to be held at the Steve Jobs Theater (I know that spelling is Americanised, but that’s the official name of the venue) on 12 September 2017, where the iPhone 8 is expected to be announced.

The last set of leaks and rumours I read suggested the new iPhone will have the same dimensions as the current model, but with a much larger screen as the bezels are removed. The familiar Home button will disappear and facial recognition is expected to be a definite part of the new product.

While Macworld is primarily focused on the Mac, there’s little point denying it’s the iPhone that pays the bills at Apple, allowing it to make new Macs, like the Mac Pro we’re expecting later this year or early in 2018.

It was Father’s Day last weekend. I know this is a bittersweet time for many. I lost my dad to heart disease almost ten years ago and, while I think of him and miss him every day, those feelings are amplified on days like this. I spent the day with my three kids and fiancée, enjoying their company and was spoiled with a lovely lunch and some great gifts.

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