Four things to do with your old tech

Anthony Caruana
24 June, 2015
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With the end of financial year approaching and the government offering an accelerated depreciation limit of $20,000 for new office gear, you may find yourself with some surplus equipment in the office, taking up valuable space.

What can you do with it?

1. Sell it

This is the obvious option. Take a few pictures, clear all your data from the drives and pop an ad on eBay, Gumtree or some other online auction or sale site.

That’s not a bad approach, but it can be time consuming.

2. Staff sale or auction

Quite a few places we know of run internal sales or auctions of old equipment.

An easy way to do this is put all the old gear in a room and get people to place a bid for the items they want in a sealed envelope. At the appointed time, someone goes through the envelopes and chooses a winning bid.

As a bonus, the money collected from the auction can be donated, so the company gets another tax deduction.

3. Donation

There are very few local schools, kindergartens and neighbourhood centres that will say no to free computers, printers or other equipment.

Reach out to your local community and find out where those items can be put to best use. For example, many schools don’t need the latest and greatest systems to run library catalogue applications, educational games or other simple programs.

4. Trade in

Many resellers offer trade-in programs for your unwanted equipment. And, given the new accelerated depreciation limit, a trade-in may help you get more equipment under the limit.

mResell is one company that will let you trade in your unwanted equipment. Simply enter the serial number of your item, answer a few questions and it will offer a price and send you all you need to ship your item to the company.

That can take a lot of the hassle out of disposing of your unwanted gear.

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