First video of the iPhone 5C in action?

Macworld Australia Staff
3 September, 2013
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If it’s Tuesday it must be… no, not Belgium, but more leaked photos/videos alleging to be of the iPhone 5C.

MacRumors today showcased a few more photos – one of a blue iPhone 5C in some of its packaging, a group shot of yellow, blue and white units all still in their packaging (both originally sourced from Chinese site and one of a green, sticker-less phone from the Chinese technology blog, C Technology.

The latter site was also named as the source of a new video. The clip is being described as the first video of a fully assembled, powered on iPhone 5C… allegedly, of course.

The unit in this film is a red one, just to add some variety, and in the 50-second clip it appears to be running Safari on iOS 7, showing off its pinch-to-zoom and responsive scrolling capabilities.

MacRumors is hedging its bets though, conceding that the video’s less than stellar quality could be concealing a bogus device wrapped in a coloured shell. Or it could be the real deal. Only one thing is certain. In a week’s time, when the 10 September media event rolls around, we’ll all know for sure. Allegedly.

by Macworld Australia staff

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  1. Brent says:

    Im really not sure if thats running iOS 7 if you look at the bottom bar, seems like its still the old Safari colour. iOS 7 is Sporting a White Interface, and i dont even think (Remember) Beta 1 being the old Colour. There is nothing anywhere that distinguishes this as a iPhone 5c IMHO. It looks like any normal iPhone with a red bumper. We needed to see the Home Screen to say for definite.

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