First-gen Apple TV bug emerges before new model’s release

Xavier Verhoeven
13 September, 2010
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If you’re an Apple TV user, you may have noticed some issues with the ability to purchase or rent content on your device recently.

Over the weekend, I switched on my Apple TV with the intention of renting a movie through the iTunes Store. Unfortunately, I was greeted with a Movies menu that was missing the ‘Search’ and ‘Top Movies’ options it had previously featured. Unless I wanted one of the few movies featured graphically at the top of the Apple TV’s interface, I was out of luck.

A number of Australian Macworld readers and members of Apple’s discussion forums have had similar troubles. Most, if not all, are having issues with the Australian iTunes Store specifically. Many are speculating the bug has come as a result of backend changes to the store to accommodate the new streaming-only Apple TV to be released later this month.

Apple Australia spokesperson Fiona Martin has confirmed via email that Apple is “looking into this and working on resolving it”.

For anyone worried that their Apple TV might lose some functionality because of the newer model’s upcoming release, rest assured that this appears to be nothing more than a temporary glitch.

UPDATE (15 September): Apple appears to have fixed the problem. If your Apple TV is still affected try resetting it.


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  1. slamiam says:

    Phew. I started looking at all my settings to try and rectify this at the weekend and had to concede defeat. I even did a factory restore and lost a 99c movie rental in the process.

    Unless the new model will eventually be running iOS with apps, I am still struggling to see it as an upgrade. I will love my existing appleTV until its dying days.

  2. Bob Holbert says:

    Seems to be fixed now – I had to change my store location to the US and then back to Australia, but all menu options are now available and functional

  3. AMW staff says:

    Thanks Bob, I’ll check it out tonight.


  4. Mike Cadogan says:

    Fantastic. Thanks so much for this information. I am away from home at present and was finding it difficult to console the family, especially not being there to review/fix the issue
    Really appreciate your update

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