Find My Friends ditches stitched leather in iOS 7 update

Dan Moren
20 November, 2013
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Bid adios to stitched leather, friends who like to find other friends. Apple’s released an update for its Find My Friends application, giving it an iOS 7-style makeover that brings it up to par with the company’s other apps, including Remote, Podcasts, Find My iPhone and iBooks.

The origins of Find My Friends’s bizarre fascination with stitched leather are lost in the mists of Ricardo Montalban’s smoky 1988 voiceover, but it’s rumoured that no less than Steve Jobs himself was a fan of the skeuomorphic texturing.

The new version abandons such fanciful flourishes for a more straightforward design, that – like much of iOS 7 – has a largely white interface, with sparse colour highlights. (In the case of Find My Friends, that accent colour appears to be orange.)

Friend, found: iOS 7's update to Find My Friends has not a trace of stitched leather in sight.

Upon launch, a map takes up most of the screen, displaying your friends’ location. Also gone in this update are the dots representing your friends; now you’ll actually see their circular contact pictures on the map. Tap on any of those pictures and the circle will expand, showing you a larger image of your friend. In addition, a toolbar slides down from the top, showing you their location’s label and when they were last pinged, as well as options to display their contact information, set up geofencing notifications, and more.

All of the features of Find My Friends you know and love remain intact in this update, which is largely an aesthetic revamp, though you may find some features in different areas than in iOS 6.

by Dan Moren, Macworld

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  1. bcarpenter says:

    Actually, there are features that are missing from the new version. One can no longer follow someone but not have them flow you in return. The following of friends now has to be mutual. Also, the map showing all your friends’ locations shows only those friends “nearby”. There is no option to show “everyone”.

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