FileMaker 14 hits the market

Anthony Caruana
13 May, 2015
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FileMaker 14 has hit the market with a focus on getting started faster on new projects, as well as a raft of functional and design improvements. This is FileMaker’s 30th anniversary.

For FileMaker developers, the updated Script Workspace consolidates the creation, editing and viewing of scripts and calculations, all in one streamlined workspace. Auto-complete, favourites, in-line editing, shortcuts, script step descriptions with in-line Help, automated command-lookup and other features speed development.

For less experienced FileMaker developers, the judicious addition of point-and-click capability alongside the contextual guidance make it easier for non-programmers to uses scripting to create custom solutions.

FileMaker applications can be deployed to a variety of devices. The iOS version, FileMaker Go, works on iPads and iPhones. FileMaker WebDirect makes it easy to deliver desktop-style interactivity to mobile browsers on tablets with the ability to dynamically adapt to different screen sizes.

People who have multiple FileMaker applications will welcome the Launch Centre. It allows users to visually organise solutions and use icons to identify different applications, rather than all the applications using the same, generic icon. There are 29 pre-built icons and you can create your own as well.

The Launch Centre works across the entire FileMaker 14 Platform on Windows and Mac with FileMaker Pro, on iOS devices with FileMaker Go, and in a browser with FileMaker WebDirect.

iOS users will see some changes. FileMaker Go has been given an iOS 8 once-over. Developers can make solutions full screen by using scripts or swiping to hide the user interface. The new set-screen orientation can lock applications to portrait or landscape views and there several new functions, including video and audio playback controls.

FileMaker WebDirect is now up to 25 percent faster than before and has doubled the number of supported concurrent connections from 50 to 100. For those on intermittent network connections, automatic reconnect from FileMaker Pro 14 solutions to FileMaker Server 14 helps users recover quickly when their connection breaks down.


FileMaker Go for iOS is free from the App Store

FileMaker Pro costs either $11 per month payable 12 months at a time or $449.

FileMaker Advanced costs either $18 per month payable 12 months at a time or $719.

FileMaker Server costs either $36 per month payable 12 months at a time or $1274.

Please note: prices have been amended from US pricing to local since this was first published.

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