Error 53 – ACCC to pursue Apple

Anthony Caruana
11 February, 2016
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Local reports say the ACCC plans to pursue Apple over the issue. And a class action suit is being launched by a Seattle-based law over Error 53 – a problem that has rendered many iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models useless after updating to iOS 9.

I wrote about Error 53 earlier in the week and have received some strong anti-Apple responses to that piece. I also learned from iFixit’s co-founder Kyle Wiens that “the issue isn’t non-genuine parts or independent repair. The ‘Error 53′ happens with Apple parts as well. It’s a synching issue — you could swap the flex cables between two brand new iPhone 6’s and run into the same problem. The problem is that Apple hasn’t released the tool to synchronize new parts with people’s phones”.

As I said in my original story, securing the Touch ID sensor isn’t a bad thing. However, Apple’s lack of communication is a problem. And now, from what iFixit has put together, it’s pretty clear Apple needs to take some steps to fix the issue.

iFixit advises that of you can reinstall the original Touch ID sensor if you’ve had your phone repaired then you should do that.

If your iPhone’s button is broken, use Accessibility features to enable the on-screen home button so you can avoid replacing any part of the Touch ID sensor.

You’ll find that in Settings | Accessibility. Then enable AssistiveTouch. This adds a button to your screen that you can use to access the Home menu and some other options.

Until Apple addresses this issue and provides repairers with the tools they need to conduct repairs that don’t brick your iPhone, you’ll need to work around this frustrating issue.


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