Edifier bumps up speaker range for Christmas

Macworld Australia Staff
9 October, 2015
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The latest Lifestyle Studio speakers from Edifier are set to hit the Australian market before Christmas. The complete range of studio speakers includes the R1280T, the 1700BT and R2000DB.

R1280T – High Tech meets Old School

The Edifier R1280T delivers a mix between design, elegance and incredible sound quality. These bookshelf speakers are for those who want high performance studio experience with an old school style.

The R1280T features a 4-inch bass driver and a calibrated flared bass reflex port in front of the speaker cabinet. This system ensures that the bass notes are robust, rich in sound and they emphasize each and every.

With precise control, the R1280T enables the user to connect to multiple devices and personalise their sound experience by adjusting the bass, treble and volume dials on the active speaker. A wireless remote control can also be used to master the volume and mute option.

Equipped with a Dual RCA input that allows connecting to multiple audio devices including a

desktop computer, laptop or TV, it’s the ultimate audio experience. The Dual RCA can produce up to 42W RMA of audio output.

The system comes with a MDF wooden enclosure and a clever design that weighs less than

5kg, making the Edifier R1280T one of the most compact models in the market. It’s light enough for those who want to transport their sound system to different locations for parties or social gatherings. The speaker’s wooden finish makes a great pairing with any old school record player.

Available from http://www.edifier.com/au/en/ for AUD$149.95

Edifier 1700 BT – An authentic listening experience

These powerful studio speakers combined with a smart looking compact design have the capacity to a pleasantly fluid dynamic audio experience, giving guitar plucks, piano clunks and drum hits a satisfyingly solid feel.

The days of audio distortion are now in the past. The R1700BT incorporates Digital Signal Process (DSP) and Dynamic Range Control (DRC) to prevent distortion levels even at the highest volumes, delivering a clean and crisp sound.

With dual RCA inputs, the Edifier R1700BT easily connects to other devices including gaming consoles, computers or TVs. 1700 BT also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 streaming, enabling it to be synchronized with music tracks on a smartphone or tablet. For those who are old school, the R1700BT comes with appropriate cables to connect non-Bluetooth devices.

Equipped with a front facing bass reflex port to emphasize the lower frequencies, this device enables richer bass execution. Even in quieter levels the user will be able to hear the bass line in vivid tones.

The bass and treble are conveniently located dials on the side of the speaker allowing complete control of the audio.

All this fashioned with a 10-degree angle to direct the sound at the user, reducing external interference. The R1700BT is enclosed in handpicked walnut vinyl.

Available from http://www.edifier.com/au/en/ for AUD$229.95.

Edifier R2000DB – Top of the Class Studio Speakers

The R2000BD features a classic design and delivers robust audio for a variety of applications. Using newly developed 25mm silk dome “Eagle Eyes Tweeters and the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Dynamic Range Control (DRC) to minimize distortion, this bookshelf speaker makes the slightest sound clear.

Using the RCA-RCA or RCA-AUX audio cables for versatile and dual connection options at the same time, this speaker is ideal for desktops and home entertainment. It also has Bluetooth pairing capability for music playback from a smartphone, allowing playlists to be transferred at any time.

The R2000DB delivers powerful audio for PC, gaming consoles or mini home theatre applications. The user will feel the full surround effect of these speakers, enabling them to experience every sound effect, every drum beat and every perfectly pitched in-game sound.

Encased in an MDF wooden enclosure to minimise acoustic resonance the R2000DB ensures a warm and more substantial experience for the users. Edifier’s R2000DB has a high gloss piano finish as a touch of elegance to match any room’s décor and style.

Available from http://www.edifier.com/au/en/ for AUD $369.95

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