Dropbox client syncing and uploading services fixed

Sophie Curtis, Techworld
14 January, 2013
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Dropbox users have been experiencing issues syncing and uploading files and creating shareable links, prompting speculation about the stability of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

According to a series of updates from the @DropboxOps Twitter account, problems began at the end of last week.

“You should be able to create shareable links again. Our engineers are actively working to resolve remaining issues as quickly as possible,” the company tweeted.

Some Dropbox users took to Twitter to vent their frustrations, post pictures and question whether AWS was to blame. All files uploaded to Dropbox are encrypted and stored on Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3).

“Is @Dropbox down for anyone else? AWS having a wobble? Been like it for half hour now. Weird. pic.twitter.com/Z46q4qUu,” tweeted Ian Bradshaw, a UK-based software engineer.

“@Dropbox up & down tonight. #AWS problems again? I’ve given up on flying cars for the short term, but the cloud too?!? :-( ,” added Oracle software engineer Mark Heckler.

However, in response to questions, an Amazon spokesperson told Techworld that there were no AWS issues associated with the Dropbox situation, and the increased error rates were just a coincidence.

Consumer file-sharing and synchronisation apps like Dropbox have become popular with business users, because they make it easy to sync files between computers, tablets and smartphones. However, many of these apps lack the security, centralised administration and management of enterprise solutions, causing headaches for IT departments.

Last year, Dropbox suffered a setback in its efforts to move into the enterprise more forcefully after being hit by a spam attack that stemmed from the breach of an employee’s account.


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  1. Becky Keiffer says:

    I thought that the sync problem was fixed. Mine is not. Please assist. thanks, Becky

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