Do you want an Apple Watch Series 2? You can’t have it… yet

Anthony Caruana
21 October, 2016
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Over the last week or so I’ve been on a mission.

As your editor and as a fan of Apple’s gear, I’ve been keen to get my hands on an Apple Watch Series 2. The Apple Watch Series 2 was officially available to customers on Friday 16 September – that’s more than a month ago.

Usually, when Apple ships a new product, there’s a period during which there’s short supply. That’s to be expected. But I’ve scanned Apple’s online store, visited several Apple Stores in shopping centres and tried a few authorised resellers. And it seems there’s no way for me to actually buy an Apple Watch Series 2. Occasionally, I find some 38mm units in stock, but 42mm units are in very scarce supply.

Of course, I’m in the fortunate position where I can ask Apple to supply me with a loan unit for review – something I’ve had to do in order to write a review of the new Apple Watch. But I usually prefer to go through the full purchasing experience. For example, when you read my review of the iPhone 7 Plus in the next issue of Macworld Australia magazine, it will be a phone I purchased outright with my own hard-earned cash.

I called Apple to understand why the Apple Watch Series 2 is in such short supply. Basically, we are dealing with a supply/demand issue I was told. However, the Apple Store app on an iOS device or the Apple website will allow you to choose to collect a purchase from a store. While lead times for shipping are currently three to four weeks, you may find a store gets a small shipment of stock for over-the-counter sales and you can elect to pick a unit up.

You may get lucky, if you check each day, you may find your preferred unit is available for collection sooner than the shipping timeline. Apple stores receive shipments daily – usually about an hour before opening – and that new stock is booked into the available inventory. Instead of picking the shipping option, you can check availability for an in-store pick-up.

I had no luck using this approach, but perhaps you’re more fortunate than I am.


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  1. Proofread Daily says:

    What’s an Apple Warch? It that new?

  2. Tim says:

    Does no one proofread anymore? There is a glaring typo in the very first sentence… and the most ironic part, the sentence starts with “As your editor”. Oh and by the way, it’s been three days

  3. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    The word watch was mistyped and corrected – did I miss another one?

    The answer is that most articles are proof-read but not all of them. I’m a mere human and make mistakes from time to time.

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