Developer posts iPhone 5 photos?

Tim Grey
16 June, 2011
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Speech-recognition developers Nuance have been working with Apple on an undisclosed technology of late, but it appears as though the company may have prematurely outed the iPhone 5.

According to 9to5Mac, a new app called SpeechTrans Ultimate Powered by Nuance has posted a press release for its new program replete with screenshots on a 4in edge-to-edge screen – a feature widely tipped to appear on the next-generation iPhone.

While this might just be evidence of SpeechTrans jumping the gun, it’s equally possibly the company’s resident Photoshopper might have been having a rough day, or even a desperate and underhanded play at publicity in an overcrowded App Store…

Images courtesy of 9to5


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  1. Dan says:

    The bottom right image is of a iPhone 4 yet the menu bar says iPod and not AT&T and is only on wifi unlike like the others.

  2. Alex Eckermann says:

    Really? All I see is some screenshots that have been poorly scaled to not fit the iPhone natural viewport.

  3. Jamie says:

    The almost identical lighting and shadowing on all 4 shots makes me strongly suspect that these are (yet more) fakes

  4. Tim Barnes says:

    Agreed, I smell a rat with these pic’s. They’re too perfect.

  5. tr.slate says:

    These are realll fake. Apple would never position the home button that close to the screen. It should be centered with equal space ob top and bottom.

  6. Christopher Marston says:

    Who goes to gaol for these?

  7. macgirl says:

    Am I the only person on the planet who fails to see the attraction of Facebook and Twitter and the need phone manufacturers have to include special features for ‘easy access’ to these threats to privacy?
    Enough already – when will people realize that they leave their lives and right to privacy bare with these annoying trends?
    As to the veracity of these pics of the supposed new iP5, well looks good, but I’m not convinced.
    I still feel that the new iPhone will be more rounded in line with the iPad2 – just as the iP4 emulated the iPad with it’s angular design. After all, they are supposed to be complimentary ‘tools’, and I know since I bought the iPad2, I’ve become acutely aware of how uncomfortable it is to hold the iP4 for more than a few minutes – no ergonomics at all!
    Thanks for letting us in on the latest rumour though, much appreciated.

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