Creative Suite 4 updates Adobe’s flagship tools

David Braue
23 September, 2008
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It has been weeks since Adobe announced the launch date, but Adobe’s typically strict NDAs expired at 2:00pm — so we can now tell you officially all about the newly launched Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4).

Creative Suite 4 is Adobe’s flagship bundle of creativity programs, combining its various design, video, photo and web editing tools into suites targeted at design, web and video production professionals.

As you would expect, the new versions are packed with new features, including dynamically linked smart objects that track changes to elements; more efficient workflows; Speech Search technology that turns spoken dialog into searchable metadata; a new Blob Brush tool; transparent gradients; improved file management; tight integration between suite elements; an Adjustments panel that bypasses dialog boxes and allows direct, non-destructive editing; a Masks panel for creating and fine-tuning pixel and vector masks; and rotation of the working canvas to work on projects at any angle.

Trying to catalogue the new features is like trying to count the rivets on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, so we encourage you to start hitting for details of the products that matter to you the most. We’ll have reviews of the new products in coming days.

CS4 comes in several bundles, depending on what types of capabilities you need. Each of the bundles is available on both Windows and Mac OS X (version 10.4.11 and up). Click on the top image at left for a summary table showing what’s in each bundle, or use Adobe’s own product comparator.


Adobe InCopy CS4

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

After Effects CS4

CS4 Design Premium

CS4 Design Standard

CS4 Master Collection

CS4 Production Premium

CS4 Web Premium

CS4 Web Standard

Contribute CS4

Dreamweaver CS4

Fireworks CS4

Flash Pro CS4

Illustrator CS4

InDesign CS4

Photoshop CS4

Photoshop Extended CS4

Soundbooth CS4

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