Corning cleans up its act with germ-fighting Gorilla Glass

Caitlin McGarry
8 January, 2014
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Corning’s Gorilla Glass is strong, thin and light, which is why tech titans like Apple and Samsung use the stuff for the smartphone screens on the iPhone and Galaxy S4. But, until now, Gorilla Glass hasn’t exactly been the cleanest of surfaces.

Smartphone screens are gross. We touch myriad germ-ridden objects – doorknobs, escalator railings, sauce dispensers – throughout the day and then paw at our touchscreens. Corning used the 2014 International CES to show off a new version of Gorilla Glass that repels the microbes that cover every surface. The new antimicrobial Gorilla Glass bakes in ionic silver, a naturally antimicrobial agent, to keep your smartphones as germ-free as they can be.

The first product to hit the market with the germ-fighting Gorilla Glass is Steelcase’s room-scheduling tablet for businesses, and Corning expects the material to be a hit in places where cleanliness is important – for instance, hospitals. The company said the antimicrobial nature of the new product will last the entire life cycle of a smartphone, so no replacements are necessary. As to which smartphone will be the first to clean up its act? Corning is keeping mum so far.

by Caitlin McGarry, TechHive

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