Chinese dude creates homemade iPad

Tim Grey
14 July, 2011
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While Apple knock-offs aren’t generally celebrated, enterprising – and inventive – DIY engineer Liu Xinying’s home-made iPad is causing a bit of a fuss.

The 21 year-old tinkerer from the eastern Chinese province of Shandong recently posted a video online demonstrating how to whip up an iPad from scratch. Using a touchscreen and components harvested from the computer store he works in, Liu constructed a working iPad lookalike.

The device, however, runs Windows XP rather than iOS and appears to have gained some weight. The device cost Liu 2000 yuan, or $287 to put together, while a new 16GB iPad costs 3688 yuan ($530) in China.

Liu, however, isn’t an ambitious counterfeiter. AFP reports that while’s Liu’s ingenuity has attracted commissions, he’s turned them all down.

“I did this for fun,” said Liu.

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