Canberra man accused of trespassing after using Find My iPad to track down stolen iPad

Karen Haslam
24 August, 2012
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A man who tracked down his stolen iPad using Find My iPad and a GPS device has been accused of  unlawful amateur sleuthing.

Alden Harder, who lives in the Canberra house where the iPad was discovered, is claiming that the man (unnamed) trespassed on his property and committed “trespass via radio wave” when he activated an alarm on the device.

The man’s lawyer Keegan Lee dismissed the claims saying: “If he was exercising a claim of right there is no trespass,” reports the Camberra Times.

Lee added that ”I would safely say nearly everybody in this courtroom has committed that act [trespass via radio wave] by having a wireless router”.

After his iPad was stolen from a construction site three days earlier, the man was able to identify the property where his stolen iPad was contained, using Apple’s Find My iPad tracking app. The owner went to police but was, he claims, unable to get them to act on the information.

He then went back to the house and triggered the app’s alarm, enabling him to pinpoint the iPad to the garage of the property. Returning to the police with this information, a search warrant to inspect the house was finally obtained.

The case is ongoing and we’ll update you with news on court proceedings as we learn more.

What do you think – did the man have a right to track down his stolen iPad, or, is he guilty of trespassing? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Anthony says:

    Police accused of stupidity and laziness.

  2. Catalyst says:

    To my way of thinking, anybody who queries any action taken by a individual to reclaim his own stolen property needs a lot of help

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