Macworld Australia launches mResell. The safe way to buy and sell refurbished Apple products in Australia and New Zealand

Macworld Australia Staff
16 April, 2014
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The safe way to buy and sell refurbished Apple products in Australia and New Zealand

In response to Apple’s iOS trade-in program avoiding Australia, despite the environmental and financial benefits for Apple customers, Macworld Australia has partnered with Swedish refurbish company mResell to bring a new buy and sell refurbished Apple program to Australia and New Zealand.

Macworld’s mResell is a safe, easy and secure marketplace for Australian and New Zealand Apple device owners to trade-in, or purchase, second-hand Mac and iOS products.

Focusing upon Apple devices, Macworld’s mResell program will exchange these no longer used devices for an agreed price. All devices are refurbished by Apple repair specialists iExpert and then given a second life in the hands of new customers.

Established in 2012, mResell was founded to service the considerable need of the Apple-loving community in Sweden to trade in refurbished Apple products in an easy and controlled way.

With operations in Australia, Sweden, Spain and Poland, mResell has provided a platform for trading in refurbished second-hand Apple products that benefits both the environment and local customers.

By keeping harsh metals and plastics out of landfill, trading schemes provide device owners with a financial return for their old tech gear, while also extending the lifespan of the once loved devices by making them available to consumers who do not wish to pay the high cost for a brand new product.

According to MobileMuster, an organisation started by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association to keep mobiles out of landfill, Australians on average replace their mobiles every 18 to 24 months, a small percentage of the seven-year average age of mobiles.

The mobile recycler believes 61 percent of mobiles are kept, unused, when Australians purchase a new model.

Apple limits its recycling scheme to Macs and displays, pricey devices that consumers update after long periods of time, and offers this service without any remuneration.

The Cupertino-company does offer a 10 percent discount on the purchase of a new iPod if you recycle your old iPod with it.

Apple device owners are well-known for seeking the newest and most advanced technology available today, gadgets that retain value and offer sizeable lifespans.

With payment options of credit, bank transfer (ABA), Paypal (MassPayment) or cheque, mResell will put money back in your pocket and free your drawers of outdated devices.



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  1. Vulch says:

    Brilliant! They’ll get my business. As an earlier adopter of many new Apple products, especially iDevices, I’m always humbugging family and friends to take the old one of my hands for a fair price, to fund the new device. Now another option.

    Good for me, good for the environment, and good for Apple aslo I imagine.

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