Bose unveils VideoWave entertainment system

Grace Robinson
26 May, 2011
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Sound and home audio manufacturer Bose has just introduced an innovative new integrated entertainment system that combines a home theatre sound system, LCD display and music system into a single enclosure.

The VideoWave entertainment system is contained within a 46in 1080p LCD display; there are no separate speakers, bass module or speaker wires. Operating the connected devices – for watching TV and movies or listening to music – are controlled by a click pad remote and an interface on the display screen.

The new Bose click pad remote features a built-in sensor and pares back traditional remote design, incorporating only buttons for the most-used functions like powering on and off, adjusting volume, changing channels and selecting sources. The remote also incorporates RF technology, meaning you don’t have to point it at the device in use and all connected devices can be hidden from view.

This simplified design attempts to make operating the system accessible, a problem that solves “the complexity of using multiple remotes to manage separate devices – like a Blu-ray player, cable box, iPod or DVR”, according to Business Director for Bose Video Products Santiago Carvajal.

The VideoWave’s audio calibration technology recognises the position and location of the device, identifying a room’s shape and size and its furnishings. to adjust the sound automatically.

This back view image of the VideoWave shows how the compact system is set up at the back of the LCD display, hidden from view

Yesterday, Bose held a press event at the Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney, to introduce the VideoWave entertainment system. Members of the press– including Macworld Australia – were audience to a number of demonstrations to showcase the product’s capabilities and functions.

Highlighting the system’s capacity for a full range of low, mid and high frequency sounds, audio clips in different environments and surroundings were played. We were transported to a rainforest, caught in a thunderstorm, took in an orchestral performance and pounded the bustling pavements of New York.

This was an almost overwhelming cinematic experience, with surround sound that filled every pocket and space of the room.

Given the chance to use the click pad remote, we found it  surprisingly simple and easy to navigate the interface options on the display, without interrupting video play.

All up, the VideoWave is like a transportation device to other environments and experiences beyond the living room. It removes the obstacles of complexity and bulk of previous home theatre systems. Without external speakers and wires in addition to the simple design of the click pad remote, this is a compact system that can be used in the home by anyone.

The Bose ViedeoWave entertainment system will be demonstrated and sold ($7999) in Australia from June 31, 2011. The system comes with a console that connects to the screen with one cable, connects up to five high-definition entertainment players and a dock for an iPod or iPhone as well as the click pad remote are also included.

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