Bose unveils new line of audio products

Grace Robinson
8 October, 2011
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Sound and home audio manufacturer Bose have unveiled the SoundLink, a mobile wireless speaker and the Cinemate and Lifestyle 135; two home theatre entertainment systems as part of a new summer lineup set to hit shelves later this month.

In a press event, attended by Macworld Australia, Bose showcased each of the products and demonstrated their audio capabilties for the home and beyond.

The SoundLink mobile wireless speaker was the first cab off the rank; a rugged, compact portable speaker that connects and plays music from any smartphone, tablet or computer. The unit is made from a reinforced metal with a leather case, that, when deployed, acts as a stand for the speaker. Upon closing the case, the unit will switch off to save power.

Weighing in at 3.5kg, the speaker is easily portable, allowing for indoor and outdoor playback environments. Normal listening will give you 8-9 hours of play time before you need to re-charge the SoundLink.

The SoundLink speaker’s case is interchangeble, so you can replace it if you want.

Bose said that the challenge in its design was to construct a smaller design without compromising on audio performance. The demonstration of music being played from a smartphone and from the SoundLink highlighted that their aim has been met with success: The sound quality was sensational, with particualr attention to high, mid and low range audio.

The music clips played from the device enveloped the room, with attention to clear high notes, strong bass and smooth mid-range audio.

The SoundLink can connect with up six devices at a time via Bluetooth connection and will be available in Australia from October 19 for $499. There is also a black nylon case model that will retail for $449.

The Lifestyle 135 system was one of two soundbars introduced to press at the event. An interesting unveil, as it is the first time Bose has released products in this category.

The Lifestyle 135 system is a singular speaker designed for customers who want an unobtrusive  home theater setup with simple controls and operation.

Lifestyle 135 system: The single speaker is a space-saver for consumers who want minimal technological presence in their home.

With built-in automiatic audio processing capabilities, you can mount the unit vertically on the wall, or place it horizontally on a tabletop surface and it will detect the position and process sound accordingly.

The CineMate 1SR comes with minimal components for easy setup and simplified design.

The Cinemate system has the same audio processing function, as well as a media console for up to six HD sources (four HDMI inputs), an AM/FM tuner and dock for iPod or iPhone. Setup is simplified with a single cable required to connect the soundbar to your TV.

Both the Lifestyle 135 system and CineMate feature a programmable remote that controls the system and most connected sources, from a Blu-ray DiscTM player to a cable box.

“The new Lifestyle 135 and CineMate 1 SR systems deliver a powerful audio experience that defies their size and elegant design – whether you’re watching a movie, playing a video game, or listening to music,”  said Doug Lankford, Bose Director of Home Theatre Product Marketing.

The sound demonstrations conducted for both soundbars backed up the company’s claims. The audio produced from these systems was clear and rich on a wide soundstage that exceeded the size and physicalities of the room in which it was played.

Both devices  enhance the visual aspect of TV and cinema in the home, without a lot of fuss or complicated processes involved.

The Lifestyle 135 system and CineMate 1SR cost $3,699 and $2,199 respectively and will be available to purchase October 19. For full specs and contact information go to

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