Boot Camp for latest Mac Pro drops Windows 7 support

Madeleine Swain
18 March, 2014
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Any professional users who have been relying on Apple’s Boot Camp in order to run earlier versions of Windows applications will find themselves cut adrift following the latest redesign of the Mac Pro desktop, as the Cupertino, California company has now dropped support for Windows 7 on the high-end Mac.

The news was first revealed by independent developers, before being confirmed by Apple’s most recent support document for Boot Camp, which was modified on 5 March 2014.

As it stands, the latest Mac Pro will only permit Windows 8 or later to be installed with Boot Camp, with no option available for Windows 7. As MacWindows notes, the change seems to indicate that Apple intends to drop support for Windows 7 in future versions of Boot Camp across the board, though at the moment other models in the Mac range are still supported.

This has certainly been the modus operandi in the past. As AppleInsider notes, “Apple stopped supporting Windows XP and Vista installations beginning with the second-generation MacBook Air, just under two years after the release of Windows 7.”

Windows 8 Boot Camp

As the website also points out, this may not be a popular move by Apple, as Windows 8 has certainly not been received with a universal thumbs-up from the world and, indeed, like the late and not so lamented Windows Vista before it, it has been ignored by many corporate IT departments, unhappy with its UI changes and basic architecture.

Apple’s decision will see professional users put in a position where they have to either upgrade to Windows 8, migrate their Windows 7 environment to a virtualisation package or work on a different Mac altogether.




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  1. Lukabs says:

    Can you downgrade the new Mac Pro software-wise or is this a firmware issue?

  2. Clear says:

    Virtualisation screams on MacPro so no need for dual boot anymore. For the small price of Parallels, VMware or another it is the better option.

  3. John says:

    Why would they do this win7 still receives updates and the new windows xp (stable). Windows 8 is the shittest os and idea ever, its one of the reasons i bought a macbook pro.

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