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10 December, 2007
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The Palm platform, having been around for over ten years, is supported by tens of thousands of third party apps. However many of these were written many years ago and may not work well on newer devices. If the developer’s web site only has black and white screen grabs then it’s a sure bet that the apps haven’t been updated for Palm OS 5, the version that’s been around for the last three years or so.

Palm applications are bound in PRC files that are installed using the Palm HotSync Manager. Start the HotSync Manager from the Palm folder in Applications. From the HotSync menu choose install Handheld Files allows and drag a PRC file onto the window. Selecting the program in the list and using the Change Destination button allows you to install the application storage card rather than main memory.

As general rule, most applications work best when installed to the device’s main memory. However, for programs that refer to large databases, such as dictionary programs, it’s possible to install the program to the internal RAM and the data to storage card.

While you next to Hotsync, the application will be installed and ready to use.

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