Biography ignored Jobs’ Apple TV vision

Macworld Australia Staff
7 March, 2012
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Steve Jobs’ vision of a new Apple TV product was left out of his biography on purpose, author Walter Isaacson has revealed.

Speaking on Brazilian talk show Roda Vida, Isaacson said he deliberately ignored the late Apple CEO and Chairman’s ideas and concepts for the widely-expected Apple-branded TV set, out of respect for Apple.

“I left a few things out of the book,” Isaacson said. “Not much, but a few things like what he thought Apple TV should be, because Apple hadn’t yet done it and I felt that was maybe unfair to Apple before they produce a TV, for me to be reporting what Steve thought it should be.”

With an Apple media event scheduled for early tomorrow morning (Australian time), public interest and rumours have been swirling about a new Apple TV and the form in which it would arrive.

There is intense speculation about an Apple television, complete with flat screen and an interactive Siri voice-recognition component, but many believe that Apple will continue with its existing Apple TV box, because of its simple, usable and cost-effective nature.

The Brazilian interview provides an in-depth account of Isaacson’s experiences with Jobs, describing him as “very emotional, very intense” but “charismatic”.

Isaacson touched on Jobs’ famous temper, stating “even in my first meeting I saw both sides” of him. “He was intensely focused upon things.”

Yet Isaacson’s admiration for Steve Jobs was apparent, referring to Apple staff’s “intense loyalty” for Jobs.

“He poured his emotions into the products he made” Issacson said. “He could make you believe you could do things that you thought were impossible.”

The new Apple TV – in some guise – is thought to be revealed at tomorrow’s media event. Make sure you visit the Australian Macworld website at 5am AEST to get live updates.

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