Backlight bleeds and Facetime glitches reported in iPad 2

Paul Suarez
30 March, 2011
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By now you’ve probably heard of the alleged Facetime freezing and backlight bleeding issues facing iPad 2 owners.

Although at this stage we can’t verify them, and there’s no indication these glitches are causing serious problems for consumers en masse. We can only acknowledge that people are discussing the issues online – and we’ll be sure to keep tabs on them as they arise.

Here is a quick rundown of a few possible iPad 2 issues that are drawing chatter on support forums and elsewhere:

Finicky FaceTime

Apple’s support forums are seeing a growing number of complaints saying FaceTime video chat freezes after being used for the first time.

The problem is solved by restarting the iPad.

Backlight Bleeding

More problematic than glitchy FaceTime software are the reports of iPad 2 backlight leakage. Some iPad owners, perhaps most famously Cult of Mac’s David Martin, have noticed uneven patches of light showing up around the edges of the tablet’s display.

Martin took his original model in to be replaced and an Apple Genius noted that the replacement also suffered from the same problem. At this stage, the backlight bleeding sounds like a manufacturing problem that will need to be resolved in the future.

Camera Issues

Cult of Mac heard reports of wonky colors popping up in a few frames of video. Writer Brian Sweet said he noticed the problem in his iPad 2 since launch day. He isn’t sure if the problem is hardware or software-related.

Sweet took a two and a half minute video driving through a car wash and noticed the issue popped up three times.

Digital trends compiled a roundup of other noteworthy issues that people are reporting online, including wireless woes, U.K. web order glitches, yellow patches due to wet bonding glue, dead pixels, and speakers getting stuck in headphone mode.

So, iPad 2 users, what are you encountering? Let us know if you’re experiencing glitches or idiosyncrasies, and what you (and Apple) are doing about them.


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  1. Robbo says:

    I too have noticed the backlight bleed issue within 5 minutes of using my new iPad 2. Get it fixedApple please.

  2. chase says:

    my ipad has backlight bleeding in about 20 places, i have a white model. it isn’t noticable unless I am in a dark room.

    I have encountered no other glitches although haven’t really had a good play around with video and facetime yet.

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