Awww, Apple tugs the heartstrings with its wordless Christmas ad

Macworld Australia Staff
19 December, 2013
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Playing into current and, let’s face it, age-old fears of teenagers becoming disengaged from their families, Apple’s new Christmas themed TV ad is a deliberate tear-jerker. The Harris family Christmas revels in every cliché in the book – cheeky uncles, sentimental grannies and children making snow angels – with its narrative about the older and seemingly humourless son spending his every waking second glued to his smartphone, while all around him, snowmen get built, sleds get ridden and snowballs get tossed.

Yes, of course, this is a strictly northern hemisphere Christmas on view, with the Canadian city of Edmonton apparently chosen by Apple as the epitome of snow blanketed beauty.

What the ad is actually about is selling the features of iPhone 5s and all the marvellous things it can do in conjunction with its inbuilt eight-megapixel camera, AirPlay and an Apple TV.

The title of the ad (ads have titles now?) is Misunderstood and so, of course, there’s a twist in the pay-off. Apple has uploaded this to YouTube too. So if you just can’t get enough of the adorable extended Harris clan, you can watch their holiday fun here.


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  1. Jonny B. says:

    Wow. Clichéd or not, what a beautiful video. Edmonton looks the perfect clichéd wonderland.

  2. Tim says:

    Agree with Jonny B. Great emotion shown, although i’m not entirely sure about the tag line Happy Holidays, its Christmas always has been always will be.

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