Australian retailer not backing down to Apple, sells blocked Samsung Tab

Liana Pappas - Publisher
9 November, 2011
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Last month Apple was granted an injunction against Samsung, and blocked Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia.

However one retailer is not backing down despite legal threats from Apple – dMavo,  displaying the message, “We will not bow down to Apple,” before removing it off their website. are restructured their online business and have set up an entirely new entity elsewhere in Europe to push the tablets outside the jurisdiction of the Australian courts. “We have a new entity established and a separate server – just to deal with the tablet orders – that is undergoing testing as of last Saturday. Was Apple just bluffing or do they really want to play the cat and mouse game?,”  said Wojtek Czarnocki dMavo’s Managing Director.

Czarnocki stated that setting up the new entity cost him next to nothing, and that he had received legal advice and was comfortable his local operations would not be liable for any actions undertaken by the new entity.

It seems Australian’s are flocking to dMavo to purchase the blocked Samsung devices, with demand so high that servers had almost collapsed on a number of occasions. On the dMavo Facebook page potential buyers were posting comments about the website being down, and privacy concerns.

dMavo will continue to sell the devices, and is awaiting Samsung’s 25 November court appeal of the injunction, hoping to overturn the decision granted to Apple.



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  1. Paul says:

    I hope the courts catch up with this retailer and shut him down totally. These type of business have no regard for the law. What happens if the product is faulty? What happens if the customers wants a refund? This store is selling a banned product here. Why is it that people these days don’t give a damn for the law?

    Apple I hope you sue this business and he loses everything. That will teach him from thumbing his nose at the law.

  2. Ankit says:

    it is risky strategy on his part. A lot of online sellers are also selling the tab, but no one has been as open as this one.

    By the way it also points out that injunctions are meaningless in online economy.

  3. dMavo says:

    To Paul:

    You may want to take some time out to get fully informed about the current injunction. The Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet had never been banned in Australia and it is not illegal to sell it. At present, the injunction only stops Samsung Australia from distributing and advertising it via its usual channels.

    Our warranty policy is clearly stated on our website so you may want to visit it to familiarise yourself with it. Clearly you had not done so.

    At present, you are just a misinformed consumer who has not been keeping up to date with the current events surrounding the Apple vs Samsung case.

    Once you get your facts right, you’re welcome to come back and post another message.


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