Australian private school makes iPads manadatory for students

Macworld Australia Staff
16 October, 2012
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It seems Apple’s strategy to advocate iPads as an essential learning tool in the education sector is beginning to take effect, as one Australian private school has made the tablet a requirement for its students.

St Andrew’s Cathedral School in Sydney has just announced that the iPad will form part of its curriculum for students in grades 7-10, advising parents that their children must own an iPad as of next year, according to a report by The Sydney Morning Herald.

The school believes that hard-copy textbooks will be phased out, in favour of ebooks over the next few years and has introduced iPads to students to help offset the cost. In addition, it says, the new system will eliminate the task of students carrying heavy materials such as laptops and books in their bags.

”I reckon the maths textbook is actually, like, 10 kilograms,” 14-year-old Helena Salomon told SMH.

”It’s like weights training,” said fellow student Harry Sanderson.

Other schools are following suit, SMH notes, with iPads and other tablets being adopted in a move toward digital learning systems. Macworld Australia reported on Melbourne school Brighton Grammar’s launch of a smartphone app for parents last year, as mobile technology becomes increasingly more popular within broader aspects of learning communities.

To find out more about other digital offerings by Apple such as iTunes U, see our full feature; Classrooms without borders.



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  1. Steve Lee says:

    This must be a private school, I can’t see public schools being able to demand that all students must come equipped with ipads. I do like that the schools can shift the costs and responsibility for the iPads away from the school itself. When public schools decide everyone has to have an iPad, then the public has to pay and on a large scale it’s millions of dollars for the taxpayers. We don’t really know how long these things will last or be of educational value. Taxpayers should wait a bit, let the private institutions go first and learn from their efforts.

  2. Lynette says:

    Learning has moved into a new era. Teachers and students learn and discover together. No more that boring teacher standing in front of the classroom boring the kids endlessly. Nowadays with the iPad all learning elements are engaged. see it, heat it, say it, work with it. Haileybury in Melbourne has a sensational iPad rollout throughout all 3 campuses compulsory as of 2013 – their model is based on the university model. How fortunate this generation is to have these sensational tools to assist and propel learning! It won’t be used solely for e-books that I can assure you when two Grade 9′s demonstrated to us how they use their iPads at school! I was practically bouncing out of my skin. I’m so excited.

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