Australian mobile numbers to switch to 05 prefix

Macworld Australia Staff
19 July, 2012
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New Australian mobile phones numbers will begin with  ’05′ once those with the ’04′ prefix have run out.

According to a report by The Australian, The Australian Communications and Media Authority estimates that ’04′ mobile numbers will be out of supply in 2017.

“Demand for mobile numbers is being driven by new technologies like internet capable smartphones, tablets and machine to machine communications,” ACMA chairman Chris Chapman said today.

The ACMA also predicts another 100 million phone numbers will be required to meet the demand for supply over the next 20 years, the report states.

Australian mobile numbers with the ’04′ prefix won’t be affected by the change to ’05′, with usage for all current numbers expected to continue as normal.


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  1. chris says:

    Curious. Don’t quite understand why we need another prefix. If you disregard (04) 00 000 000 in mobiles there is still 99,999,999 different combinations. Australia has a population of 22 million. Even if every man, senile person and baby had 2 mobiles and a mobile modem. The population would still have to be 33,333,333 to account for all. I would have thought the population would have to get above 40 million before choices for numbers ran out. Even taking into account that the latest deactivations stay off the longest time before getting eventually reused in years time.

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