Australian Macworld gets a new editor

Anthony Caruana
8 April, 2015
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Last week, Jonathan Stewart handed the reins of Australian Macworld to long-time contributor Anthony Caruana.

It’s an interesting thing becoming editor of a publication you’ve had a long association with. I first wrote for Australian Macworld back in April 2004. Since that time, Apple has created several revolutionary devices like the iPhone, iPad and, recently, the Apple Watch. They’ve changed what we expect from our notebook and desktop computers. And they’ve raised the bar on usability to a level that have made almost every other IT company take notice and change their own ways.

Through all that, Australian Macworld has been there.

When I started contributing to Australian Macworld, Apple was coming out of a period of intense struggle. Not long before they were only a few short months from folding and yet they survived. Matthew JC Powell was the editor of the magazine and he gave me a chance to write for a computing platform I’d only recently started using.

Since those days back in 2004, I’ve been privileged to work with Chris Oaten, Dave Bullard and, most recently, Jonathan Stewart as editors. Each has made me a better writer and kept me accountable to Australian Macworld’s most valuable assets – our loyal readers.

Will Australian Macworld change much now that the tiller has been handed to me? The short answer is yes. Every magazine and website is a reflection of the editor. I doubt that the changes will be significant – you won’t see wholesale changes in the layout or style. I suspect the changes will be subtle.

One thing I’m keen to explore is the way Apple is no longer a niche technology company. They are a massive mainstream consumer electronics business. The old days, when Apple was the tech industry’s whipping boy are behind us. With a huge bank balance, rising sales, steady leadership and many incredibly creative designers and engineers, Apple shapes the world we live in.

I expect to cover some more general technology news instead of just “Apple news”. But we will always have the readers of Australian Macworld at the heart of what we cover. When we cover the changes being made to data retention laws it will be through the lens of Apple’s customers. When we talk about content distribution and piracy, or evolving technologies it will always be with our readers in mind.

Please stay with us as Australian Macworld enters the next chapter of its journey.


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  1. Ken Gracey says:

    Anthony, it’s great to see another seasoned Apple guru, taking the reins of Macworld, good luck with it, let’s hope you can bring back the missing zing this place used to have. O and when you have a few minutes in your busy shedule, can you spread some love to the forums, for us old forum regulars.

  2. Jamie says:

    Congratulations Anthony. I’m looking forward to seeing what changes you make.

  3. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    Kiya Ken

    Thanks – I’ll do my level best to hit the forums. Give me a week or so to work out how to drive the bus and I’ll get to you guys.


  4. ken gracey says:

    Good onya Anthony, I new an old forum stalwart like yourself, would be the one to put some life back into it

  5. jamie says:

    Great to hear Anthony, we need to breath new life into the forums and bring in more users – if we can get them there they’ll hopefully end up buying and reading the magazine.

  6. Charmian says:

    Congratulations Anthony.. As iMug (Internet Macintosh User Group) committee member we have seen you cut your way into the world of Mac from the corporate Windows Side. You did a great job as President of iMug and I am sure you will continue as a very influential editor…. In choosing you as Editor you have an exceptionally wide background to bring to the job – corporate player, teacher, family person, community and faith leader and now a running guru !

  7. Belinda Stevenson says:

    Welcome! Love MacWorld,

  8. Macworld Australia Staff says:


  9. Ben de Jong says:

    I would like the Electronic version of MacWorld to be FREE to paid up subscriber via Newstand

  10. Richard Woodhouse (Dick) says:

    Hi Anthony,
    We met a long time ago at a computer group meeting. You may not remember me but a man called Brian Busby was also one of the group.

    Congats on your appointment. Well deserved !!!!

  11. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    Thanks. I remember you Dick. Glad to hear you’re doing well.

  12. eliza stewart says:

    Congratulations, AnthonyI I look forward to your time as editor.
    As a reader of Macworld Oz since the early 2000′s our association with the mag. is similar time-wise. I love it. However I am still in wonder at the continuing advances in technology, so remember the ageing Apple ‘fringe dwellers’ who may not always be able to/or want to, keep up with the ever-accelerating ‘replacemen’t culture!

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