Aussie App business for sale

Xavier Verhoeven
7 July, 2010
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The App Store is an interesting place for journalists, with two extremes that are reported consistently – small players making it big with a successful app, and others that are devastated by Apple’s decision to ban their hard work from the store. Now Australian-based Syncode has a different story to tell: it’s up for sale.

Although the three-strong all-under-18 development team has seen success with its apps, including Synotes (a favourite of mine), school life is getting in the way of giving the apps the attention they deserve. In a post on the Syncode blog, web developer and systems coordinator Matthew Lesh wrote “between school, our social lives and work we haven’t been able to find the time to continue to develop these applications towards the original goals we set for ourselves”.

Although the apps have sold well, Lesh admitted that it hasn’t been quite as mind-blowing as some App Store success stories would have you believe. “It’s really not very easy to be found if you’re a small guy,” he said. A lack of time to make the applications “completely robust and feature-rich” and little money to back the marketing that the apps deserve further make it difficult to stand out.

But frankly, it comes down to other commitments getting in the way: “We’re full time high school students amongst other freelance jobs we have, this means some very hectic lifestyles and effects upon our grades that we want to step away from as we approach the final years of school.”

“We are opening up our doors and sending out a call to find someone who will pick up where we’ve left off, and continue to develop these applications into the future,” he wrote in the blog post.

I wish the Syncode guys good luck with their studies, but based on the apps they’ve produced, I hope to see them again on the App Store in the future. I also really hope another developer picks up Synotes at the very least, as I don’t want to be forced into using Apple’s Notes app.

Anyone interested in purchasing Syncode, or its individual products, should contact

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