Arcade Mania Volume 01

Nicholas Pyers
28 June, 2008
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A collection of over 50 classic, retro and modern Arcade Games that will provide hours of fun for all ages.

Apeiron: Fast-paced arcade game like centipede
Artack: Retro-style shooter with hand-drawn graphics & soundtrack
ArchMage: Fight as a young mage in this action game
Argonaut 2149: 3D asteroids game
Ashalii: Space-themed arcade puzzle game
Asteroid Rally: Race through 3D asteroid field
Avalanche Extreme: Arcade/puzzle game
Betty’s Beer Bar: Arcade game with cartoon graphics
Bloxter: Falling-blocks game in 3D
Bugged Out Rally: Rally game with bugs instead of cars
Brave Dwarves – Back for Treasures: Help dwarves in their quest
Bub & Bob 2: Arcade game based on Bubble Bobble
Bubbles: Classic arcade game with a new twist
Bubblomania: Cute & funky bubble popping arcade game
BugThug: Impeccable bug arcade fun
Burst: Highly addictive arcade/puzzle game
BushPanic: Politically-themed arcade shoot-em-up
Chicken Race: Addictive 2-player game
Creepy Mines II: 3D brick game
Dome Wars: Cross canyons and kill enemy dome tanks in a angle/power format
Dylo’s Adventure: Old-school platform game about a nice dino
Expedition Diamonds: Humorous arcade game
Frozen-Bubble: Port of the popular arcade/reflex game
GravityWells: Arcade game of gravity control
Gridrunner++: Legendary shooter game
Hollow Ground: Old-school tactical arcade game
ishizume: Klax arcade game
Jammin’ Racer: Fast-paced arcade racing game
Jets’n'Guns Gold: Space arcade game
l1neum: Qix/Volfied space game
Lunar Jetman: Difficult retro arcade game
Luxor 2: Sequel to the action-puzzle game
Machi Paco: Arcade brick busting game
MacPuyo 2: Arcade-style, falling-object game
Manic Miner: Arcade game
Music Challenge: Test your music knowledge using Apple Remote
Mystic Inn: Adventure game with 50 levels
Neon Wars: Arcade game
Open Fire: Military-themed shooter game
Pangea Arcade: 3 classically-inspired arcade games
Phoenix Ball: Breakout-style brick game in 3D
Pirate Poppers: Swashbucklin’ pirate popping fun game
Runic: Brickout style game with powerups
Radiant Weirdness Zone: Scrolling shooter featuring a flying armadillo
snake3d: Multi-player snake game in a 3D world
Solarian II: Classic Mac video game
Space Penetrators: Old-school Atari Space Invaders clone
Space Tripper: State of the art shoot-em-up
Spinvaders: Arcade shoot-em-up game like Space Invaders
Sweetopia: Enter candy factory for sugar rush in this arcade game
Tank-o-Box: Tank battle game
Tilt Mania: Game controlled by the laptop tilt sensor
Toribash: Unique turn based fighting game
TriMicSlots: Remake of Slots arcade game
ZoneBall: AMrcade game – control 80% of the playfield to win

The applications supplied on this CD are supplied as is and we make no representations regarding the applications or any information related thereto. Any questions, complaints or claims regarding the applications must be directed to the appropriate software vendor.
Various different license types apply. Some titles require further payment direct to the application publisher to enable the full feature sets and functions.

[b]Arcade Mania Volume 01[/b] is available for only $10, from participating Macintosh User Groups, including;

[url=""]AMUG Sydney[/url]
[url=""]AUSOM Incorporated[/url]
[url=""]Central Victorian Macintosh Users Inc[/url]
[url=""]Geraldton Macintosh User Group[/url]
[url=""]Gold Coast Apple Users Group[/url]
[url=""]MacTalk Hunter[/url]
[url=""]Toowoomba Apple and Macintosh User Group Inc[/url]

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