Apple’s Tim Cook calls Microsoft’s Surface ‘compromised’ and ‘confusing’

Ashleigh Allsopp
27 October, 2012
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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has said that Microsoft’s Surface tablet is a “compromised” and “confusing” device.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Cook hasn’t actually used the Surface yet, but told analysts during a conference call that the news and reviews he’s read about Microsoft’s 10.6in tablet leading him to believe that it is a “very compromised and confusing product.”

“I think one of the toughest things you do with each product is to make hard tradeoffs, and decide what a product should be,” Cook said. “And we’ve really done that with the iPad. And do the user experience is absolutely incredible.”

“I suppose you could design a car that flies and floats, but I don’t think it would do all of those things very well,” Cook said. “And so I think people, when they look at the iPad versus competitive offerings are going to conclude they really want an iPad.”

Apple yesterday announced that it sold 14 million iPads in the last quarter of 2012 at its earnings call on Thursday.


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  1. pankaj mehra says:

    I am an iPad user and will not diss Surface simply on the basis of reports. The content creation experience on the iPad is less than stellar; that leaves a window open for Microsoft (pun intended). Office remains my favorite content creation app at work and a version of OneNote that is as kickass as the PC version could be a draw for folks like me. I plan to go to the Microsoft store in Valley Fair this weekend and check things out for myself.

  2. eyash says:

    Well,I am still using my iPad 2, wasn’t to sure if to upgrade to the new iPad, and now with the new, (new) iPad as from last week announce, I really don’t know if to upgrade at all, as I can wake up in the morning two month from now and found out that a new member of the family has landed.
    I think I had to much, not only it was only six month from one to another, none of my current gadget is not applying with the new generation, and I really not in a mood for open my pocket again and again for acquiring the new gadgets, I had enough.
    hell, I will stick to what I have as long as it works, and then I will re-think what is going to be the next one to acquire.
    WIN8 or Android, both are as good as the iPad if not better.
    it is very annoying, and so far from being innovative, what is the direction you are going
    I know it is easy to get compromised over my bank account, but I do not see it happen soon

  3. eyash says:

    Well, I think you are wrong
    in one or more of James Bond movies, it was just great, a great sports car which turn into a sub, you just need to imagine this, and in Apple you use to have the ability to bring imagination into reality.
    not it goes from iPad to iPad mini, that is a real innovation, isn’t it????

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