Apple rolls out three new Genius commercials

Macworld Australia Staff
30 July, 2012
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UPDATE: These commercials are no longer viewable as Apple is trying to erase all trace of them after bad publicity.


Apple has debuted a new batch of commercials, giving them their first run during the Olympic Games opening ceremony.

The three ads are themed around Apple’s Geniuses and feature the same actor, replacing the similar ‘I’m a Mac’ ads that featured Justin Long.

In the first commercial, Mayday, the Apple Genius is on a plane when the captain calls out “Is there an Apple Genius on board?”  The Genius helps a passenger use iMovie, advising him that “It’s going to be okay,” and “We’re going to make it!”

The second commercial is titled Labor Day. In it, the Apple Genius assists a frantic husband whose wife is in labour. However the Mac owner is stressed about making ‘Photo cards’ to announce the birth, and ‘PhotoBooks’ for the grandparents, instead of getting his wife to the hospital. The Genius promises to help the man, but gets his priorities right by saying, “We can talk about all that on the way to the hospital!”


In Basically, the third commercial, the Apple Genius assists a man off the street who has just purchased what he thinks is a new Mac. This ad is aimed at switchers, with the Genius naming three of Apple’s great Mac apps – iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand – which aren’t on the guy’s new computer.





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  1. Jack Snack says:

    Why are the videos private?

  2. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    Good spotting, Jack. Thanks for the heads-up … we’ve added an Update line at the top explaining why.

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