UPDATE: Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs’ home burgled, items revealed

Karen Haslam
15 August, 2012
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Steve Jobs’ home in Palo Alto has been burgled with a large number of computers and personal items stolen.

Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Tom Flattery told Contra Costa Times that the house owned by the late Apple CEO was burgled on 17 July and more than US$60,000 worth of computers and personal items were stolen.

The suspect, 35 year old Kariem McFarlin, is in custody and could face a maximum prison sentence of seven years and eight months. McFarlin’s bail is set at US$500,000 pending a court hearing on August 20.

It doesn’t appear that the property was targeted because of its high profile resident. “The best we can tell is it was totally random,” said Flattery.

Speaking to The Associated Presssupervising Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Scott Tsui reiterated Flattery’s comments.

“I’d imagine the suspect eventually realised whose house he was in, but outside, it was just another house in Palo Alto,” Tsui said.  ”We’re not aware of anything stolen that was anything special or different from any other burglary. The computers, I’d imagine since he’s Mr. Jobs, are Apple products.”

2101 Waverley Street, Palo Alto, is described as “twee” and “relatively modest”. The house was undergoing renovations back in July, and according to reports at the time Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs and her children had moved out.

UPDATE:  The Daily has reported that the items stolen during the burglary in July included Steve Jobs’ wallet containing his US$1 annual salary and drivers licence.

“Wearing work gloves, McFarlin set down lawn furniture cushions outside the perimeter of the home in order to safely toss his take including: two iMacs, three iPads, one Apple TV, a Sodastream soda maker and various Tiffany jewels before fleeing away in his car,” The Daily said.

“McFarlin told cops that he had been living in his car and had chanced upon the abandoned Jobs home while sleeping on the street there. He decided it would be the target of his first robbery.”

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  1. Gareth says:

    I always thought that since the book came out revealing that they never locked their back door that something like this would happen.
    He wasnt exactly going to make away with much furniture, now was he?

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