Apple’s iPhone is practically hand made, report shows

Ben Camm-Jones
23 February, 2012
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American television channel, ABC’s Nightline programme last night looked at conditions in Apple’s supply chain with host Bill Weir talking to workers and managers in Foxconn factories.

Those of you in the US can watch the programme on ABC’s website though it can’t be seen by viewers outside the US. You can see brief clips of the programme here or below, though.

The Verge has compiled a list of interesting revelations from the programme, including the fact that it takes five days and 325 pairs of hands to build an iPad and that there are 141 steps in the production of an iPhone, which is practically handmade.

Workers are paid $1.78 per hour – about £1.13 – and have to pay 70 cents (44p) for meals. They work 12 hour shifts and those who live in company dorms have to pay $17.50 (£11) to do so, sleeping six or eight to a room.

However, the report asserts that the programme was short on information and didn’t “reveal much we didn’t know”.

Meanwhile, a separate report from Apple Insider contains some damning claims from Foxconn insiders who allege that underage employees were hidden from inspectors from the Fair Labor Association (FLA) who visited factories belonging to the company recently.

Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) project officer Debby Sze Wan Chan told Apple Insider in an interview that workers aged 16 and 17 had been moved to different departments or been relieved of overtime duties prior to inspection.

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