Apple wants to sync iPhone and in-car GPS

Karen Haslam
9 September, 2012
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If you are frustrated by the inability of your iPhone’s in-built GPS to lock onto satellites and reveal your location accurately, you will be pleased to hear that Apple has been investigating ways to allows your iPhone to sync with your car and use your car’s built in GPS (should it have it).

Apple filed a patent related to syncing an iPhone with a car with the US Patent and Trademark Office in May 2012. The patent refers to sharing location information between the car and iPhone so that features like turn-by-turn navigation can be utilised. It includes the option of tracking your location using the vehicle’s GPS.

The address book information in your iPhone could also be synced with your car, making it easier to program in your destination.

Apple Senior Vice President of iOS Scott Fotstall is listed as one of the inventors on the ‘Syncronizing Mobile and Vehicle Devices’ patent, according to Apple Insider.

In our experience navigating using the iPhone’s maps app is fraught with problems if you are away from a 3G signal (which appears to be the case on many areas in Australia), it’s not just the inability of the GPS to locate you accurately. We wonder whether Apple’s maps app, due to replace Google Maps in iOS 6 will be as reliant on 3G for downloading maps data, and whether this data will be as large or larger than Google’s map data.

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  1. AussieMacUser says:

    It is curious (and disappointing) that the new Maps app does not work so well..I find that the TomTom app works just fine – an interesting result, given that TomTom and Apple are supposed to be working together.

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