Apple-Samsung Verdict is in: Apple awarded $1 Billion in damages

Macworld Australia Staff
25 August, 2012
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The Apple vs Samsung trial has finally reached a conclusion with the jury reaching a verdict after two days of deliberation.

Samsung must pay Apple just over US$1 billion for infringing several of its patents in Samsung smartphones and tablets, a California District Court jury decided on Friday local time.

The decision was complicated with allegations on three Samsung companies and 20+ devices.

The jury decided in Apple’s favour on an important question — whether Samsung’s infringement was wilful. The jury said the infringement was wilful for 5 out of 7 Apple patents in the case. That could potentially result in the judge tripling the damages award against Samsung.

Samsung did score at least one victory — it’s Galaxy tabs did not infringe on Apple’s 889 design patent, the jury said.

After the verdict was announced Apple shares (AAPL)  jumped 1.44% to US$672.75‎.

For each patent the jury found:

- For each of the following products did Samsung (SEC, SEA, STA) infringe claim 19 of /301 patent, Answer for all devices is YES

- Inducement for patents ’381 ’915 ’163. ’381: Yes for all devices. Jury also ruled largely in Apple’s favour for its double-tap to zoom patent (163)

- Patent ’915: Yes for 17 devices plus Galaxy Tab, Tab 10.1, and Nexus.

- Infringement of D’677 patent:  Yes for 12 devices. No for Ace.

- D’305  design patent: SEC: Yes 13 Samsung devices. STA: Yes for 11 Samsung devices.

- D’889 Patent: No across the board

- Was Samsung willful in its infringement? D’677 Design Patent: Yes for 10 devices. D’087 Design Patent: Yes for 2 devices, No for 4 devices. D’305: Yes for 8 devices. ’889 No for both Galaxy Tab models.

- Invalidity: 381 Not proven invalid. No across the board. Not a single one proven invalid by Samsung.

- On to trade dress. Samsung has NOT proven that’893 trade dress is not protectable. Apple has proven only the iPhone 3G trade dress protectable.

- Home screen patent: All Samsung phones violated.

- Apple’s two-finger scroll patent: All Samsung devices infringing except for two devices.

- Samsung’s claims that Apple patents are invalid: Jury says NO on all patents.

Now for Samsung’s claims against Apple…

- 711 Patent on iPhone 3G No. ’460 on iPhone 3G: no. ’711 iPhone 3GS: No, ’893 iPhone 3GS No, ’460: literally infringement for 3GS: no, ’516 No, ’460 no across the board. No on all iPod touch

- Did Apple prove they were invalid? No across the board! No damages so far…

- Antitrust: Did Apple prove that Samsung breached it’s obligations when developing the UTMS standard? NO

 Look out for updates on this story as more details come to light.



[Source: Macworld, The Verge, 9to5Mac & Twitter]


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  1. udi says:

    while this is a win for apple, it is not so good for real innovation. the US courts and patent office have consistently over reached in making these decisions and have allowed the virtual patenting of ideas which even in the US is contrary to the original intent of patent law which was to protect implementations and technologies. a two finger swipe to scroll, for instance is not a technology and should not be patentable and neither should amazon’s 1 click shopping or anything like these things. imagine a fashion designer suing another for creating a black dress or for using laces in shoes because they did it first – total legal stupidity.

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