Apple vs Motorola trial is back on

Macworld Australia Staff
15 June, 2012
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Apple’s patent lawsuit against Motorola is back on after a US judge reversed his decision to scrap the case last week.

Judge Richard Posner has now decided to grant Apple’s request for an injunction hearing, and has set the date for June 20 in Chicago.

As we reported earlier, Posner had said that the case should be dismissed as neither side had established a right to relief. But he had reserved the right to change his mind, saying that he would delay entry of judgment until he had prepared a full opinion.

Now, Posner says, “The parties should be prepared to address the possibility of substitution for an injunction of an equitable decree for a reasonable royalty going forward.”

The case could see a ban on certain Motorola products as Apple is alleging some of the company’s devices – such as the Droid – and associated software have infringed on its patents. Motorola had brought a counterclaim that Apple was in infringement of its patents, and may also ask for an injunction on this.


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