Apple v Samsung patent trial reveals iPhone, iPad US sales figures

Karen Haslam
12 August, 2012
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Apple has been forced to hand over confidential sales data relating to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch sales in the US in the Apple v Samsung case. According to a court papers:

  • In 2007 Apple sold 3,222m iPhones and 1,937m iPod touches
  • In 2008 there were 7,023m iPhones sold, and 5,948 iPod touches
  • 2009 saw 10,186 iPhones sold and 10,633 iPod touches
  • In 2010, the year the iPad was launched, there were 14,123m iPhone sales, 7,860m iPad sales, and 13,278 iPod touch sales
  • 2011 saw 32,372m iPhones, 15,969 iPads, and 10,937 iPod touches.
  • So far in 2012, Apple has sold 19,029m iPhones, 10,173m iPads, and 3,819 iPod touch in the US

Over the life of the products, Apple has seen revenues of US$50,703m for the 85,956m iPhones, $19.074m for the 34,002m iPads, and $46,551m for the 46,551m iPod touch. Samsung, on the other hand, has revealed that it has sold 21.25 million smartphones, which generated US$7,516m in revenue, according to AllThingsD, who have the charts.

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