Apple: Use our Wi-Fi to download Lion

Gregg Keizer
22 June, 2011
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Apple store representatives in the US today said that although its Genius Bar technicians won’t install Lion for customers, Mac owners can use a store’s Internet connection to download the 4GB upgrade.

Customers can bring their Mac notebooks into any Apple store, then use the store’s Wi-Fi network to download Lion next month, representatives from several stores in the US said today.

That may be a way users stuck with a slow or metered connection – a dial-up account, for instance, or a satellite-served connection – can obtain the upgrade. At this stage, it is not clear if this will apply to Australian Apple stores and customers.

Many users have been asking how they can upgrade their Macs to Lion when all they have is a dial-up or heavily-metered account.

“We live in the San Diego mountains and must rely on satellite provided by Wild Blue,” wrote John LaPlante in an email Monday. “It would take over 10 hours for us to download a 4GB program and I’m not sure if the system would allow me online that long.”

Others have expressed concern about Lion’s availability on Apple’s support forums.

“You can go anywhere there’s Wi-Fi,” one representative from a Portland, Ore.-area Apple store suggested, adding that the store’s own network will be available.

US Customers don’t need to make an appointment with the Genius Bar – Apple’s term for it’s in-store support desk – but can simply walk in with their Mac laptop.

A representative at another US store said she did not know if users will be able to save the upgrade downloaded from the Mac App Store to later install on other Macs, such as a desktop-bound iMac.

“We just don’t know at this point,” she said, adding that Apple may release more information before Lion ships.

Apple has spelled out deployment options for volume customers , including schools, universities and businesses, saying that they will be able to download Lion once, then copy an installer to multiple Macs.

Lion is slated for a July release and will be sold for $31.99 only through the Mac App Store.


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  1. Colin says:

    The problem is the connection at my local Apple store absolutely bites lol.

  2. yabbietol says:

    You need to have a local Apple Store, I do not, the nearest is in Sydney way to far for a software update.
    Also 4GB will kill my download limit and take forever via ADSL1 over Telstra’s rubbish phone lines. So much for us country folk keeping our Mac’s up to date.

  3. Firitia says:

    It is becoming clearer and clearer that Apple says: you people, far away from stores or internet, you are paupers, we do not want to deal with you.

  4. Jamie says:

    No Apple stores here in NZ, I have a 30GB data cap on my Internet so the download won’t be a killer, but its a shame that I have to download and install it again! Since I am a registered developer and running the Beta surely they can push a delta update to enable the installation source I originally used to be updated to the release version?

  5. Tim Barnes says:

    Well that is all very good Apple, i’ll just drop over to my nearest Apple Store… which is 9 hours away in Melbourne, because you’re too short sighted to open one in Adelaide.

  6. Joshua says:

    Hey Jamie……
    Hows the Beta version going…?

  7. Lloyd says:

    Wish all software would go this way! So much more convenient.

  8. Sanders21 says:

    Dial up! Time to upgrade people!

  9. Jezza says:

    This was my first concern when apple said just download it from the mac app store. Yeah right 4gig?…I cant even get a normal movie download of 1.5gig in half a day with out it chewing threw my credit. Australia is so far behind in Internet data connections. I’ve a friend in Europe who says it only takes like 3 min to download a movie. Knowing Australian apple stores being like any other store they wouldn’t be able to cover the cost of wifi downloads or is Jobs going to back it? It’s a great idea being able to download without carrying disks around like a windows user :) ))… I wonder if it will be the first big download then when other os become available they will be just minor downloads, kind of like the iPad & iPhone updates?

  10. Terry Cass says:

    Just arrived home from Thailand
    Lion’s latest development DVD is already available pirate version every where

    How long will it take after the Gold Version is released before it is available all over Asia on a DVD

    Is Apple latest policy to promote piracy as they will not provide a copy on DVD

  11. Craig says:

    What about the 1000s with desktop Mac’s? Why can’t you just take in a blank DVD or suitability sized USB to grab a copy of the update. Maybe they could set up an iMac as a terminal, buy it through the app store and burn off a copy on to the DVD?

    I understand why Apple is doing this but they should have an alternative for those who don’t have a suitable Internet connection or laptop to take advantage of the Apple store wifi?

  12. Marg B says:

    The alternative of Lion on a disc should be available for those who don’t have huge download capacities with their Internet. Also, with only the Mac App Store version being available, what happens if we need the Install disc for troubleshooting at a later stage which sometimes happens.

    I live in a Retirement Village which runs on a PABX system so I have no choice but to have my Internet through this system. I can only choose a maximum of 2GB at the beginning of each month. When that runs out – yes I can choose another 2GB but what happens when my Internet runs out in the middle of me downloading Lion.

    If I lose the first 2GB of download and have to start over again or the interruption to the internet negates the first half of the download I will never be able to upgrade to Lion. And my nearest Apple store is a one hour drive away on a good traffic day.

    While I really love using my Mac computer and have always kept it as up to date as possible, Apple makes monumental decisions such as this and the ordinary person has no way of letting them know we, as their loyal customers do not like their decisions.

  13. Barry says:

    Great to see everyone start to protest this. For one you’ll hear that everyone does not have the Internet connection to support this kind of download. Moves over the Internet, IP TV. All good if you live next door to the backbone of the web, as the comments here suggest, lost of places in the bigger towns and cities all around the world are still in 3rd World stages of development with respect to the Internet.
    No disc for us consumers, fine, but make it easy for us so every Apple Reseller can drop an image to your HDD for us to upgrade with, something, OK

  14. andrew says:

    Well I tried downloading it, got to 3Gb @ 6hrs, lost connection. Went to resume but it will only start from the beginning. Oh well, when I get data allowance next month maybe I’ll try again, fool me.

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