Apple tweaks Snow Leopard security update

Dan Moren
6 February, 2012
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Suffering from bizarre errors related to the latest Snow Leopard security update? Apple’s already on top of things. Last week, the company released Security Update 2012-001, version 1.1, for Snow Leopard Macs.

In its usual fashion, Apple only says that the update is “recommended for all users and improves the security of Mac OS X.” But if we had to place a wager, we’d guess that the update in question has been issued to replace version 1.0 of Security Updated 2012-001, released on Wednesday, which had some nasty side effects.

Many users who applied the security update on their Snow Leopard found they could no longer use applications designed for PowerPC-based Macs, thanks to the fact that the update wreaked havoc on files crucial to Apple’s Rosetta technology.

It seems likely that the update fixes that problem, although we haven’t yet confirmed it for ourselves. If the update fixes issues for you, let us know in the comments below.

There’s no sign, however, of an update to fix the issues with the latest Lion update, Mac OS X 10.7.3, which saw some users having problems launching applications or experiencing weird textures.

Security Update 2012-001 version 1.1 is available via Software Update, but as of this writing was not on Apple’s support downloads site.

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  1. Ken Martin says:

    I tried Lion when it was released. Had some reservations, so reverted to Snow Leopard… I think Apple’s quality control has slipped more than a bit with Lion’s release. Perhaps they diverted resources to their iPhone/iPad sector. Then again, the ill Steve Job’s steady hand may not have been around. Overall, I get the distinct impression mug customer often tests Beta-quality free for Apple. I will not be doing so again.

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