Apple turns on EasyPay for Australian customers

Macworld Australia Staff
12 July, 2012
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Apple today gave its Australian Apple Store customers access to its EasyPay feature, which allows them to scan and pay for accessories just using their iPhone and Apple ID.

EasyPay is a feature of the Apple Store iOS app and can be used by owners of the iPhone 4 or 4S.

You can scan the barcode on a product, which will provide you with information about it (specs, ratings, reviews, etc), and then log in with your Apple ID and pay for it using the same credit card that’s linked to your iTunes account.

After that, you can take your item and walk right out of the store. Receipts for items you’ve purchased via EasyPay are emailed to you and are also available under the app’s More tab, just in case you need to convince staff as you walk out the door.

While EasyPay is limited to accessories and non-Apple products – you can’t use it to buy an iPhone, MacBook or any other piece of Apple hardware – it can certainly eliminate your waiting time, since you don’t need a ‘blue shirt’ to help you out. Look for the EasyPay tag on store shelves – those products are the ones that are available for purchase through the app.

This is how to use it: First, make sure you enable the app’s Push notifications and location settings. EasyPay will only work within an Apple Store, so if your location settings are disabled, the app won’t recognise that you’re in a store and won’t grant access to the EasyPay feature.

Once the Apple Store home screen pops up within the app, tap EasyPay. (This home screen also lets you make a Genius Bar appointment, ping an employee for additional check out help and sign up for in-store workshops.)

Next, scan the barcode using your iPhone’s camera. Once the item is recognised, a product page displays more information about the item scanned. Tap Pay Now at the bottom of the screen and enter your Apple ID and password.

The item will be charged to the credit card associated with your Apple ID and iTunes account, and you’ll need to enter the card’s security code (CCV number) so make sure you know it or have that card with you.

Returning items is easy; just show an Apple employee a copy of your emailed receipt or the one in the app. You’ll need to have your credit card with you when making a return, and make sure you’re within Apple’s return policy deadlines.


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  1. chapob says:

    Worked a treat at Apple Store George Street with email receipt to back it up. Next day at Bondi Junction it through up errors and forced my keen,helpful staff member to revert to the hand-held swipe machine.

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