Apple to release 8K iMac?

Anthony Caruana
7 April, 2015
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iMac, Retina 5K display, macworld australiaIt’s only been a few months since Apple released its updated iMac with a 5K display. But it seems that it will be leapfrogged later this year.

According to a report posted at 9to5Mac, Apple’s main display partner LG has stated that Apple has “announced” the release of an 8K display later this year. Clearly, no such announcement has actually been made, but given the number of 8K displays that were announced at CES earlier this year, it wouldn’t be all that surprising.

Anyone still running with a 27in Cinema Display would know that product line has been largely untouched for almost four years, so a refresh is well and truly in order.

An 8K display would offer a significant leap in the number of pixels we can push around our screen. The current iMac’s 5K display puts 5120 x 2880 pixels at your fingertips. The 8K display boosts that to 7680 x 4320 – enough to view significantly more content at one time.

It’s interesting to note Apple is embracing higher display resolutions for its computing products. The Retina Display is now available on almost all Apple’s mobile, notebook and desktop product lines. However, the Apple TV, which is expected to see a significant update later this year, reportedly won’t support 4K content just yet.


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  1. Jamie says:

    Form over function again, having a resolution that high will add nothing to the real usability of the machine – and I wouldn’t be surprised if they also remove a large number of ports from the machine in the same way that they have with the new MacBook.

    Sorry Apple but all that this is going to do is make people who have older Macs with a decent number of ports hold on to them for longer and not update. Updating will be something that only the rich and trendy do to stay ‘hip’ and show off to their equally rich friends while the tap patterns to each other on their over priced Apple Watches.

  2. Greg says:

    At work, we debated the uses, benefits (or lack thereof), technical challenges to be able to do it and Apple’s contractual secrecy with vendors all compared to the fact the LG “announcement” was posted to their blog on April Fools Day and removed not long after.

    You decide.

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