Update: Apple raises cost of apps on App Store by up to 30%

Jonathan Stewart
3 April, 2014
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UPDATED: Apple has increased the price of iOS and Mac apps on the App Store by up to 30 percent to account for the drop in the Australian dollar.

Apple confirmed the App Store price changes in an email sent to developers on Tuesday and gave 24 hours for the changes to take affect. The changes impact customers in Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey and India.

Apple has adjusted its pricing tiers with apps priced at $0.99 increasing to $1.29; $1.99 apps rising to $2.49; $2.99 apps climb to $3.79 and $4.49 apps are now $4.99.

The Australian App Store pricing was already higher than the US App Store, despite the apps on the App Store being digital products.

In good news for app buyers in Israel and New Zealand, retail prices will be decreased by Apple.



Email sent to app developers.


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  1. Joshua Lovi says:

    Wow the Aussie dollar is a whole 8 cents lower than the US
    Yet when we were on par we were still being charges more.

    Greed is a marvellous thing

  2. Corey says:

    So let me get this right – our dollar drops against the US, so they’re going to charge us more?

    Wow. Thats capitalism at work right there!

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