Apple television on its way, say insiders

Tim Grey
28 January, 2011
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Apple is rumoured to be ready for a serious assault on the audiovisual category, preparing an Apple-branded TV that runs a variation on the iOS operating system. An industry source (who wished to remain anonymous) revealed that major third-party manufacturers had consulted Apple about developing a TV, and considered the move into home entertainment the next big strategic direction for the company.

Last week, company COO and acting head of Apple Tim Cook referred to a US$.3.9 billion supply side investment to secure component supplies, which most commentators have taken to be a large cache of high-resolution screens for the iPhone and iPad. It’s not, however, unthinkable that the company is laying the groundwork for an entirely new category of device.

Another strong indication that Apple may very well be considering taking on industry giants like Sony, Panasonic and Samsung is the pending release of its streaming audio initiative, AirPlay. A number of third-party hi-fi manufacturers including Bowers & Wilkins and Denon are preparing receivers that can be controlled wirelessly by Apple devices, a technology that could easily be applied to home theatre.

While at this stage the rumour is strictly industry chatter, releasing a smart TV product would be consistent with Apple’s approach over recent years. Besides developing devices whose function centres more squarely on entertainment, its also bolstered its content delivery services through iTunes and the App Store to reap significant revenue from media. An Apple-branded iOS TV with iTunes integration, with easy access to downloadable movies, television and music, and a system that wirelessly connected with third-party amplifiers and receivers, all controlled via an iPhone or iPad, could conceivably be the next big thing in the lounge.


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  1. Dan says:

    If they built Apple TV into the TV it self then that would rock. What would they call it? iVision?

  2. Pinball says:

    Unlikely it would be a nightmare for apple, all the different digital tv standards round world would mean a separate device for each market.

  3. Clinton Gallagher virtualCable.TV says:

    Apple? Orange?

    It’s ironic with this fruit stuff because Orange built the first amplifiers that run Windows 7 and IIS so .NET applications can run on the amp to integrate with the www.

    Now I’m thinking of a startup I’ll call Grape but really, I’m sticking to TV. As of TV Freedom Day, June 12th 2009 digital broadcastinbg mandate TV became a wide open marketplace and any of us can be the next hometown hero.

  4. rubicon says:

    Agreed. If Bluray is a “bag of hurt”, how is getting into the TV business any less painful?

  5. Tim says:

    Can’t wait to get me Apple TV 50″ LED … that only connects via DIsplay Port… and to Apple Airport Ultimate (which is the new Airport they will introduce with WiDi… but they will call it Apple Display HD… and it will only work between these two devices…

    There will be no way to watch content from DVD or BluRay because those are “hurtful” technologies…

    All content will have to be watched via an Authorised and Validated iTunes account, and only in the low bitrate Apple iTunes 720p format.

    And if the TV decides what you are requesting to watch is not suitable for Apple standards… it will display a message advising you to return your deivce to Genius Bar for refund and proceed hastily to nearest Harvey Norman store… they might be able to help you more than we care to… Thanks.. Signed Apple….

    And despite all this… I shamefully admit…
    I’ll probably still get one ;-)

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