Apple survey indicates 3G capability in next generation MacBook Air

Grace Robinson
17 February, 2011
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Apple has reached out to owners of MacBook Air in a survey that asks for feedback on 3G, I/0 usage, data syncing and the potential for laptops with greater computing power. In a move that is uncharacteristic for Apple, the results of this survey could influence next generation versions of the Macbook Air.

There is significance attributed to the survey because Apple rarely uses customer feedback as a research tool.  The last survey they released was in February 2009, according to AppleInsider, and helped ‘shape the future of the Apple TV’.

The most recent survey covers a range of topics, including external hard drives, Web-based file storage and syncing, function keys on the keyboard and the use of MiniDisplayPort and USB ports.

Interestingly, there was a large portion of questions regarding wireless 3G data connectivity, which has led to speculation that Apple may consider incorporating  3G capability in next generation notebooks.

Other key questions in the survey include:

  • What would you change to make your MacBook Air your primary Mac?
  • Questions regarding cloud syncing and what services are used (MobileMe, DropBox, Windows Live Mesh), and the location of files, data and photos storage.
  • How users load applications onto their MacBook Air, including from App Store, with the use of an External SuperDrive, or directly from the developer website
  • Keyboard usage: Those surveyed are asked to share how frequently they use certain function keys for features like volume control, brightness and media.
  • External accessories: What hardware and devices are plugged into the MacBook Air for use, and how frequently are they used?
  • Users were also asked if they own an iPad in addition to the new MacBook Air. The survey asks if they bought their iPad before they purchased the MacBook Air, why they own both devices, and which they prefer to use for certain activities.

The influence this research will have in determining the future of MacBook Air and the possibility of 3G integration remains to be seen.

How would you answer the questions posed by Apple?  Leave your answers below.


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  1. coel may says:

    if the macbook air had 3g, i would definitely consider purchasing one.

  2. AMW staff says:

    I agree, I think I would too. Let’s hope the survey results say the same thing!

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