Apple Store App now available in Australia

Tara Brady
24 September, 2011
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The Apple store App is now available in Australia. Previously only available in the US, Australians can now research and buy products, read reviews, make Genius Bar and One to One appointments and view in-store events.

A great feature of the app is when you’re in an Apple Retail Store. You can request help, check in for reservations, meet up with a Specialist or Trainer and also get a notification when its time for your appointment so you don’t have to wait around the genius bar.


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  1. Paul says:

    just downloaded it and it’s crashing on my iPad 2. Working fine on my iPhone 4 thou

  2. Shreder says:

    It’s a “good to have” but for buying products won’t give me the Corporate access to the Apple Store (I currently have through my browser) where I get a discount on almost all products.

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