Apple Store app hits the (US) App Store

Australian Macworld staff
16 June, 2010
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Apple has quietly released a new iPhone OS app that allows users to access the company’s online store directly from their favourite iPhone OS devices. The only problem is that it’s only available to those with US iTunes accounts.

Apple has confirmed with us that the app, simply called Apple Store, is US only, and did not give any indication whether international versions are on the horizon.

If you’re US-based, the app includes support for most of the activities that you normally perform on, including browsing through products, reading reviews and, of course, placing orders.

Australian users will not be able to purchase products through the app, but it does appear that you can use it to make reservations at local Apple Stores for Genius, Personal Shopping, and One to One training appointments. A quick search brought up Chadstone and Doncaster as nearby stores.

The app also appears to support notifications — although it’s unclear what these would be used for; it’s conceivable that they may remind users of upcoming appointments or order status changes.

The Apple Store app works on any iPhone OS device (including iPad, where it runs in iPhone compatibility mode) running iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is available for free from the US App Store.

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